NACERA product overview

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Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade

The ergonomic system for natural-looking restorations. We offer a new version of our best material: Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade zircon oxide. After sintering, Multi-Shade blanks replicate the smooth transition of colors you can observe in real teeth, thereby full contour as well as substructures constructions with a natural appearance. Do you have questions regarding our all-ceramic milling cutters? Please […]

Nacera® Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade

Exemplary contamination of white material. The left crown is sintered in a pure furnace atmosphere, the right crown in a contaminated environment. The effect of coloring metal ions is clearly visible. Cleaning powder for sintering furnaces Damage from color solvents on heating rods and sediments in the combustion chamber cause discoloration or contamination of the […]

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