Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16+2

Highly translucent zirconium oxide shaded in all 16 Vita* classic colors
and two bleach-colors.

Nacera® Pearl Shaded is a German premium-product made of natural high translucent zirconium oxide, that guarantees natural-looking restorations. The combination of extreme flexural strength (1200 MPa) and high translucency allows a multiple-indicative use and meets the restorative requirements in dental CAD/CAM processes.

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The homogeneously shaded blanks are now available in 16 newly developed colors matching the Vita* classical scale and in two additional bleach-shades. Nacera® Pearl Shaded is not only frequently used for monolithic full contour restorations, but it also provides a reliable basis for substructures in the layering technique. Our shaded blanks speed up the production considerably while simultaneously increasing the esthetic quality of the results.

Benefits & Indication

The 16 Vita* classical colors and the two bleach-shades can be reached easily and selectively
Multiple indication – extreme flexural strength paired with high translucency for all requirements
Shaded blanks increase the reliability of production processes and colors, thereby eliminating the danger of white spots during regrinding
Economically – because no dipping or drying necessary
Excellent Machinability: Thin margins can be milled without having to worry about chipping or cracks.
Natural esthetic for monolithic restauration
Flexural strength 1200 MPa (biaxial)

Physical properties* Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16+2

 Material ZrO2 3Y-TZP
 Color natural high translucent
 Density > 6,04 g/cm3
 Flexural strength (biaxial) 1200 MPa
 Compressive strength 3000 MPa
 Modulus of elasticity 205 GPa
 Impact Resistance 8 MPa m1/2
 Vickers Hardness 1300 HV 0,5
 Thermal expansion 10 10-6 k-1
 Thermal conductivity 2 W/mK
 Mean linear intercept < 0,4 μm
 Radioactivity < 0,02 Bq/g
 Solubility < 10 μg/cm2
 Composition ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 > 99%, Y2O3 4,5% – 6%
* These properties were measured on test samples. The values are typical material properties and may vary according to product configuration, geometry and manufacturing process.
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